A Deep Dive Into Our Guarantees Webinar

Watch this webinar to see our ESG Specialists run through our guarantee programme and give you the low-down on how to complete the vetting process


Our ESG Specialists walk you through our guarantees and go into detail on the necessary evidence requirements. They explain how to submit your supporting evidence and ESG form and answer common questions surrounding the guarantee process.


This webinar covers the following: 

What goals are W&B working towards? (Skip to 2:34)

What are the W&B guarantees? (Skip to 3:39)

Benefits of engaging in the vetting process (Skip to 4:18)

Deep dive of guarantee evidence requirements and FAQs (Skip to 13:33)

What guarantees should you be aiming for? (Skip to 36:50)

How to submit your evidence for the guarantees (Skip to 39:57)

Questions (Skip to 45:44)

Please see the webinar's slides here.


Submitting your evidence

ESG form

Dropbox Link

Additional Policies to Familiarise Yourself With:

Green Claims Code

W&B Greenwashing Policy

Ethical Trade & High Risk Countries